Fix Dll Errors with Best Regsitry Repair Tool

Fixing Windows errors

Causes of a DLL error

Discussed below are common causes of a DLL error:

o Missing or Corrupt DLL file
o Malware infection
o Registry issues
o Outdated files

How to troubleshoot a DLL error

Depending upon the cause of the DLL error, you can use either of the following steps to fix the DLL error:

Remove any sign of malware that is causing DLL error

Many DLL errors, such as rundll errors occur due to malware infections. Malware programs, such as viruses and worms deliberately edit the codes embedded in DLL files and make them inaccessible. As a result, a DLL error is generated every time an application or the operating system tries to access the infected DLL file. To fix a DLL error that is caused by a malware infection, perform a full scan of your entire system to delete or quarantine the malware and repair the infected file. To prevent malware programs from breaching your system’s security in the future, install reliable antivirus and antispyware tools on your system.

Reinstall the missing DLL file

You can usually fix the DLL error that occurs due to a missing DLL file by reinstalling the DLL. You must try to reinstall the application that generated the error to replace the missing file. You may also try to obtain the missing DLL file from a reliable source on the Internet.

Repair registry entries

The registry is the central repository of your system and stores important data, including entries related to all your DLL files. DLL errors, such as shell32.dll errors occur when the entries related to this file are damaged or incorrectly modified. To resolve such errors, you will need to repair their entries. However, editing registry entries is a highly technical job and should not be attempted if one does not possess the required expertise. We recommend that you use an efficient registry cleaning tool to repair the incorrect DLL entries in the registry. To repair damaged registry entries and to get rid of all the unwanted information accumulated in the registry, perform a registry scan using an advanced registry cleaning tool.

Update your drivers, software, and operating system

Outdated files may also cause DLL errors on your system. To prevent this from happening, regularly update your drivers, software, and operating system with the latest security releases and updates that are released by their manufacturers.

Thoughts on Windows 10

Did Microsoft finally pull it off with Windows 10?! YES they did! Is it really better then our beloved Windows 7? YES I believe it is. I have a PC running 7, should I upgrade? Yes. Running 8.1? YES, get that junk out of the way! So, yes, I’m not joking when I say this: Microsoft is again the exciting company I once enjoyed. Surely, thanks to their new CEO, Satya Nadella.

Now their vision has become reality: One OS to rule them all. PC, tablet and smartphone. Will it be enough to return Microsoft to the forefront of profitability? I don’t know, only time will tell. But I will tell you what I do know based on my experience with Windows 10, so far.

Last weekend, I’ve upgraded my boring PC down in the basement, from Windows 7 Home Premium. I liked what I saw. But more importantly, liked how it felt. Windows 10 is not like 8.1 at all. It is finally tuned for all devices, so obviously feels great on my old PC. No more of that tablet’ish GUI crap. It’s a PC desktop at last. Back, is the Start button but with a twist of freshness, with live tiles. Also, an all new Control Panel – A much refreshed change. Now it’s more clear where to locate stuff. Very slick and modern. Oh and that new browser called Edge that replaces IE,  it’s beautiful, fast and feels light. Easily, a browser that matches the prowess of Chrome and Firefox. IE is still there though, for the nostalgic I guess.

But, for me, here’s the real kicker. Because, who cares for a stupid old PC sitting there like a brick, right? The kicker is when I installed it on my recently purchased Asus tablet. It came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. And for a budget tablet, it was a very shitty experience too. I was about to return it for a refund because it was just bad…until I thought, let’s upgrade this sucker to Windows 10. Upgrading is free anyways, right? Well, great decision. My crappy tablet suddenly feels good, thanks to Windows 10. Switched to Tablet Mode it’s a thing of beauty. And a keeper. It’s no iOS or Android but Microsoft is definitely on the right path. Any full grown PC apps work. It’s a tablet experience but more powerful. Love it. They did it their own way combining the best of the two most popular OS’s and adding their best too.

So, stop reading this. Go get Windows 10 now.

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